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NFL Draft 2012 Results: Recapping the NFC West 5th Round Picks

The entire division must have watched the same "Defense wins championships" hype speech as each NFC West team snatched up the defensive player they felt was the best fit on the board.

Arizona Cardinals: Senio Kelemete (OG) Washington

Senio Kelemete - 2012 Draft Tracker -

Kelemete is a former defensive lineman who switched to left tackle his junior year. The result was all-conference honors in 2011. He stands at a shade over 6'3" and weighs in at 289 pounds. Kelemete is a patient lineman in protection who still struggles to finish blocks sometimes. With a bit more practice at offensive line he should be able to hold his own.

Kelemete has shown terrific progress the past two seasons and is much more athletic than his size/speed numbers would lead one to believe. He offers potential in a zone blocking scheme and should be a versatile rotational lineman at the next level.

St. Louis Rams: Rokevious Watkins (OG) S. Carolina

Rokevious Watkins

Watkins is a project pick by the Rams as a well-built and long armed interior lineman. He has a tendency to struggle against better atheletes and get struggles to squeeze through contact, but can hold his own due to sheer strength in the upper body. He often gets pushed off the block as he struggles with balance and needs to equalize the strength in his lower body.

Slides his feet well laterally in space and has some lateral quickness initially off the snap. Displays a powerful upper body and can stick to blocks at times even when overextended in his lower half as he maximizes his length into defenders. However, should be a much better velcro player and needs to learn to play more balanced/compact in his lower half.

Seattle Seahawks: Korey Toomer (OLB) Idaho

Korey Toomer - 2012 Draft Tracker -

Korey Toomer is the third WAC player drafted by the Seahawks so far. He is a speedy junior college transfer to Idaho with tremendous upside. He will need a bit of seasoning to his game as he occasionally reverts to YMCA "chase after the ball style" of play occasionally, but should do well with some solid coaching.

Athletic linebacker with tremendous upside. Fluid and smooth moving in every direction of the field, quickly changes direction and covers a lot of area. Breaks down well, uses his hands to protect himself and displays the ability to get through blocks and make plays up the field. Remains disciplined with assignments, recognizes coverage responsibilities and can run downfield with tight ends. Solid open-field tackler who effectively makes plays in space.

San Francisco 49ers: Darius Fleming (OLB) Notre Dame

Darius Fleming - 2012 Draft Tracker -

Fleming is a studious linebacker who makes up for his lack of pursuit speed by showing a solid knowledge of the game and ability to disrupt routes or make plays in the open field. He has been the epitome of consistency for the Fighting Irish and should make a strong play to enter the 49ers rotation for the season.

Tough, forceful linebacker who remains disciplined with assignments. Breaks down well, effectively uses his hands to protect himself and holds his ground against blocks. Takes good angles to the action, displays awareness and stays with assignments.

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