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VIDEO: Pete Carroll, Paul Allen Answer Fan Questions From Seahawks War Room

Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen and head coach Pete Carroll have been very busy with the 2012 NFL Draft, but not too busy to take some time out of their day and pay respect to those who make the game happen, the fans.

Allen and Carroll spend some time before the start of the draft on Thursday to respond to some fan questions sent in, as well as the feeling around the team heading into this year's draft.

Make the jump to see for yourself.

Video Blog: Paul Allen and Pete Carroll before the 2012 Draft (via PeteCarrollTV)

It's great to see an owner and head coach take the time on such an important day as the first round of the NFL draft to answer some of the fans directly, not having someone else type something on twitter for them or an online chat. You get an acutal human interaction with both of them, which is more than most NFL fans get from their front office.

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