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NFL Draft 2012: Seven Other Teams Ranked Bruce Irvin In Top 15

Calm down Seahawks fans. Bruce Irvin may be better than you think.

The Seahawks' pick of Irvin at No. 15 is being named a stunner by mostly everyone following the draft.

Even though barely any mock drafts had Irvin being picked in the first round, Irvin was a top 15 player on several other NFL teams' draft boards according to a report by Pro Football Talk.

Per a league source, at least seven teams had Irvin rated as one of the top 15 players available in the draft. (Via: Pro Football Talk)

The Seahawks did draft a pass rusher, but it was not Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples like many were expecting. Just two years ago, as a junior at West Virginia, Irvin finished second in the nation with 14 sacks.

Another knock against Irvin is his off the field issues. He was arrested as early as last month for vandalizing a Pita Pit delivery car.

Ultimate Bruce Irvin Highlights (2012 Draft 15th Pick - Seattle Seahawks) (via TheVikingsworld2011)

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