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Marshawn Lynch Officially (More Or Less) The Face of the Seahawks Franchise

One of the ancillary variables to the whole question of whether to re-sign Marshawn Lynch this past offseason or let him walk in free agency was the concept that Lynch, at the moment, is more or less the face of the Seahawks' franchise. He's an embodiment of the tough, hard-nosed, and aggressive identity that the team has been espousing, he's the main benefactor of their run-first offense, and he's cemented his legacy in the city because of his BeastQuake run against the Saints in the 2010 NFL Playoffs and amazing run in the 2nd half of last season.

Fittingly, after the team went out and re-signed the 26-year old running back, he became the first player to adorn CenturyLink Field's wall for the 2012 season, an honor that has been held during the recent era by the likes of Matt Hasselbeck. Patrick Kerney, and Shaun Alexander.

Per the Seahawks' owner, Paul Allen:

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