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NFL Draft 2012: Seahawks' John Schneider and Pete Carroll Share Insight on Plans

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider gave some insight into the Seahawks mindset heading into the draft, including what they think teams will do in the top 10 and what players might be on or off their list of possible choices.

When it comes to whether or not they see teams trying to move up in the draft to take a specific player, Schneider gave more of an ‘only time will tell' sentiment.

"I would think Wednesday evening into Thursday we'll start getting a better feel," Schneider said. "I know that there are a couple teams that would like to get back. It's not an easy thing. The majority of those are done ‘right there.' It's on the clock, so you're basically kind of waiting to see who's going to come, and what players are sitting there. ... We're talking to a number of clubs, but it's early in the evening."

In regards to the quarterback position, Carroll likes the group that's available and how different they all seem to be.

"It's a varied group, is what it is," Carroll said. "There's just all different sizes and shapes of guys. It's a good group. There's good football players across the board, but there's not three or four guys that are the same."

Overall, Carroll and Schneider have developed a philosophy as to what type of players fit the Seahawks as they continue to build towards contending on the league level.

"I think utility and versatility is huge for coaches," Schneider said. "Personnel guys see that one dynamic trait and they just want to jump all over it. That's just been a personal experience. Sometimes you need to pull yourself back and say, ‘What's the whole picture? What's going to be his role? How can he fit in for us?' And there are a lot of guys that have a uniqueness about them because of their versatility. Usually that one dynamic trait - while we all get excited about it - doesn't carry over exactly what the coaching staff needs."

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