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Arkansas Denies Pursuit Of Seahawks' Carroll For Coaching Vacancy

Recently a Fayetteville, Ark. TV station reported the University of Arkansas has reached out to Seahawks' head coach Pete Carroll about its coaching vacancy. Today, Arkansas AD Jeff Long denied any such reports, via twitter.

Earlier this morning, Long tweeted:

This seemingly contradicts Carroll's own tweet from the night the story first broke:

Although Carroll doesn't directly acknowledge any contact with Arkansas in the tweet, it would seem to be a logical assumption that some sort of contact may have been made.

However, the fact that Long denies contact with Carroll isn't surprising, and no mention is made if long reached out to Carroll's agent Gary Uberstine instead.

Regardless, both parties are denying interest in one another, which means Seahawks fans can breathe a sigh of relief, and Razorback fans can enjoy the rest of their coaching search.

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