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Seahawks Take Stanford OG David DeCastro, According To SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber

SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber released his most recent NFL Mock Draft today and there were plenty of changes. But one thing stayed the same - Van Bibber has the Seahawks taking Stanford offensive guard David DeCastro with the no. 12 overall pick.

Even though taking an offensive guard this high in the draft is not the norm, it makes sense on a couple of fronts.

One, the changes in the rookie pay scale make it easier to swallow paying an offensive guard no. 12 overall pick type money.

Two, and most importantly, DeCastro fills a need on the Seahawks and considered to be one of the best interior linemen to come along in a long, long time. Van Bibber as well as other draft pundits are high on him. He could be one of the best guards in the league by season's end and with the Seahawks looking to finally produce a passing game to go with Marshawn Lynch in the running game, protection will be paramount. DeCastro can help in that capacity.