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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks Pick Melvin Ingram

There are plenty of talents in the 2012 NFL Draft, but not all of them are guaranteed to pan out. For the Seattle Seahawks, they'll be looking for a good fit for a couple particular positions. One possibility is a pass rusher to further bolster their already solid defensive line, perhaps to help make them one of the best front fours in the league.

DraftTek releases his latest mock, and it has the Seahawks pick South Carolina defensive end Melvin Ingram to fill that need.

There have been a few emails concerning Ingram and why a "4-3" defensive team would draft a 3-4 LB to play DE, over a more traditional 4-3 end. Rob Staton over at has a wonderful write-up on the subject , which explains in great detail the Hawks hybrid 4-3 under scheme and the "Elephant" position that a 3-4 OLB prospect like Ingram would be an ideal fit for.

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Hit up the SB Nation NFL Draft YouTube channel below and see if you'd be willing to subscribe by looking at the videos one-by-one.