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Seahawks Reveal Nike Apparel, New Uniforms Coming Tuesday

The NFL has enjoyed a long and outstanding relationship with Reebok as their primary uniform and gear distributor for the past decade. That relationship will be changing as Nike takes over the license for selling NFL gear.

The license actually started today, so the Seattle Seahawks actually saw some of the new team gear show up on their website. You can check out a sample of the gear on each site by clicking on the links after the jump.

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Check out here if you want to see a new sample of the Nike Seahawks gear, which features random apparel plus draft hats.

The new uniforms for all 32 teams will be revealed this Tuesday in Brooklyn. You'll have to wait a little bit longer to get your Beast Mode jersey or custom made Seattle uniforms.

To talk about what you think about the new Nike gear with Seahawks fans, head on over to Field Gulls.