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NFL Free Agency 2012: Colts Release RB Joseph Addai, LB Gary Brackett, DB Melvin Bullitt, TE Dallas Clark; Giants Let Brandon Jacobs Go

It's that time of year again where NFL teams purge their older players in order to save in cap space and get younger, and the Colts and Giants made steps today to do that. The Colts released a bevy of veterans that follow the release of Peyton Manning, terminating the contracts of RB Joseph Addai, LB Gary Brackett, DB Melvin Bullitt, and TE Dallas Clark. The Giants also announced that they will release RB Brandon Jacobs after failing to come to terms on contractual disagreements.

The immediate question on your mind is probably - Would the Seahawks have any interest in these players? The short answer is probably 'no'. One player that might be considered would be linebacker Gary Brackett - who at 32 sat out all but one game last season with a shoulder injury. Brackett, though, was a durable contributor on the Colts defense, and between 2005-10, started at Indianapolis' middle linebacker spot and averaged 106 tackles per season in that time period. His age and injury from last season though probably dictate that the Seahawks will look elsewhere for youth and speed.

Dallas Clark will be 33 before the season begins and endured injuries and ineffectiveness last season. DB Melvin Bullitt is younger at only 27, but too went through injury issues in 2010 and 2011 and has only started five games the past two years, so might not be at the top of any teams' lists.

Addai is 28 and Brandon Jacobs is 30. Both were very effective running backs in their prime but now must look for teams that are hoping to bolster their backfield with an experienced veteran on an inexpensive deal. I don't see the Seahawks having any interest there as they continue to build their young roster, though I suppose as stop gap options they could be in play.

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