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Madden 2013 Cover Vote: Marshawn Lynch, Earl Thomas Represent Seahawks

The Madden cover vote in back for the 2013 season, meaning now's your chance to get your favorite Seattle Seahawks player voted onto the cover. In conjunction with ESPN's Sportsnation, you can vote from now until March 21 to decide which player will represent each team in the league, followed by a bracket-style elimination until only one man is left standing.

In the opening intra-team round, two of the Seahawks most popular players are pitted against one another to see who will represent the team in the competition this year. Running back Marshawn Lynch will take on safety Earl Thomas for the Madden cover honor, then it's on to the next round against other players in the league.

Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis won the cover vote last season, keeping the 'Madden Curse' alive by struggling with injury all season, carrying the ball only 161 times for three touchdowns. Hopefully that won't happen if the Seahawks take the cake this year.

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