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Peyton Manning's Secret Workout Video Shows Hair-Raising Throws

You've probably seen the grainy, somewhat voyeur-esque video of Peyton Manning working out at Duke last week. The video shows Manning completing a couple passes and generally seems to indicate his arm strength has improved. It's very basic, though, and nobody is quite sure how much Manning has progressed or whether he'll be his old self when the 2012 season rolls around.

Here in Seattle, Manning's health seems to be an important question, especially for the fans. The Colts will reportedly waive Manning on Wednesday, creating what's sure to be a circus surrounding his free agency. The Seahawks seem to be taking a look at Manning as well, though nobody can be quite sure at the moment.

So you'll probably be interested in this newly uncovered video of Manning's other recent workout.

Via SB Nation on Youtube

We're not gonna pussyfoot around this. Things got a little hairy during the workout. Manning's first workout just scratched the surface, but this one grabbed the cat by the tail. Manning's throws showed some claws and he pranced around well in the pocket. Our sources also indicated he had a warm glass of milk and a can of tuna after the workout before staring at a bird off in the distance.


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