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Peyton Manning And The Seattle Seahawks Possible; Colts QB Expected To Be Cut

It's over for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis. The Colts are expected to let their future Hall of Fame quarterback walk in free agency, which could set off a mass chain reaction that ends with half the NFL pursuing one of the best commodities in the mark. Here's the original report from ESPN.

Sources close to the team told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen that the announcement will come at a news conference in Indianapolis on Wednesday with both Manning and owner Jim Irsay in attendance.

The decision to pass on the $28 million bonus owed Manning and not to pick up the four remaining years on his contract means Manning will become a free agent, and sources told Mortensen that he intends to continue to play.

It's a stunning end for Manning and the Colts, who have been together for nearly 14 years and won one Super Bowl together, but Manning is older, his body is likely to be on the decline and unable to recover as quickly as before, and the team needs to rebuild around a new nucleus if they expect to stay competitive in the long-term. It's best for Manning is let go and given a chance elsewhere to start something new.

Could that some place new be the Seattle Seahawks? Seattle definitely needs a guy like Manning to really elevate their team to the next level. However, Manning might have too many concerns about their offense and the receivers to sign there of his own accord. It's a possibility that Manning considers Seattle, but a remote one that he actually chooses them.

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