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Seahawks Offseason: Leroy Hill Marijuana Possession Charge Dropped

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill looked like he was in trouble after being arrested early Saturday morning for marijuana possession. But it appears he's been cleared of all wrong-doing after his urine test came up negative. Eric Williams of the News Tribune has this report.

According to Hill’s attorney, Edward T. M. Garland of the Atlanta law firm Garland, Samuel & Loeb, marijuana possession charges on Hill and his girlfriend were dismissed on a motion by the prosecution.

Both Hill and his girlfriend submitted to a urine test immediately following their arrest, and both tests came back negative.

"This morning the charges against Leroy Hill Jr. were completely dismissed because he was innocent of having any knowledge that trace amounts of marijuana were in his apartment," Garland said. "He took a urine test immediately following his arrest and it showed that he was negative for any drugs in his system, as did the young woman who was with him.

"Because he was innocent, the charges were dismissed."

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This is not the first time Hill has run afoul of the law. In 2009 he was arrested for marijuana possession after being found by officers in his car, and in 2010 he was charged with domestic abuse. This isn't a real good rep Hill is building up right now.

Hill is in the midst of a six year, $38 million deal with the Seahawks. He performed capably for Seattle, putting up 89 tackles and 68 solos, and Seattle can ill-afford to lose his production inside the defense if they plan on continuously upgrading their unit.

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