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Peyton Manning Throws At Duke, Looks Pretty Strong

The way that some NFL writers have portrayed Peyton Manning's recovery lately - 'he can't throw to his left,' 'he still doesn't have any triceps strength,' 'he can't turn left' (like Zoolander), you'd think he was an invalid. Well, there's video on good old YouTube today that shows he can still throw a deep ball, to his left even!

I'm not saying this grainy, shaky low definition video tells us that Manning can again start for an NFL team, but it does show that he looks to be on the right track. Because the Seahawks are rumored to be one of the teams that could land a healthy Peyton Manning, should he be released, this is an interesting video, at worst.

Manning threw passes to receivers Brandon Stokley (former Seahawk), Austin Collie and tight end Dallas Clark at this week's workouts, and these were conducted under the supervision of Duke head coach David Cutcliffe, Manning's offensive coordinator at the University of Tennessee.

See for yourself, and judge for yourself.