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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seahawks Select Clemson DE Andre Branch In First Round

The Seattle Seahawks had representatives live and in person at the 2012 NFL Combine in Indianapolis this past week. Along with scouts and evaluators from every NFL team and most sports publications and news outlets, they had a first-hand look at the talent displayed by the top college football players in the country. The Combine almost certainly changed the plan of attack for any team not named "Indianapolis Colts."

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The latest, post-Combine mock drafts are making the rounds. Over at Draft Tek, the speculation is that the Seattle Seahawks will use their first-round pick to select Clemson Tigers defensive end Andre Branch as the No. 12 overall pick.

It's been almost 2 months since the Seahawks last game, and little has occurred in that time...that is untill now. In just a week's time Schneider has announced the Hawks plan to franchise tag Lynch (if they can't reach a deal first), the combine was this weekend, and good old Leroy Hill was arrested yet again. All of these events will play a role in how the Seahawks approach the draft. But one thing hasn't changed, and that is the glaring need to upgrade the pass rush! Luckily this is a great year for edge rushers and one of the top 4 (Upshaw, Ingram, Coples, Branch) are almost surely going to be available when the Hawks pick. Branch just had a stellar combine and was a top performer in both the 40 yard dash and broad jump. Andre is one of the best pass rushers in this class which is exactly what the Hawks are in the market for, so don't be surprised to see him in Seahawks blue come April.

Branch is certainly an interesting thought. In a few weeks, we will see how it all plays out.

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