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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seahawks Take Stanford's David DeCastro, According To SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber

The NFL Draft is coming soon and everyone is rushing to try to figure out what teams are going to do once it is finally time to actually make their selections. It's still anybody's guess, but that's the fun part of this time. Nobody really knows. But our man Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation gives it his best shot and currently has the Seattle Seahawks taking Stanford offensive guard David DeCastro, something that hasn't changed for a while.

Van Bibber had this to say about the Seahawks and DeCastro.

"It seems odd to see another offensive lineman in the draft for Seattle, but they did a pretty solid job of fixing other areas in free agency. They need someone to replace Robert Gallery. DeCastro is a rare specimen at guard, a guy who might be one of the league's best by October."

Seems like a solid selection from the eyes of Van Bibber. Two weeks into free agency and with the draft only a month away, the Seahawks have positioned themselves well to be able to draft based on need. They need a player like DeCastro. We'll see if they pull the trigger.