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Marshawn Lynch: Movie Star (Seriously)

Marshawn Lynch is young, but has already been many things: college football player, professional football player, lover of consumer-grade candies. The list goes on, presumably. But the Seattle Seahawks running back will soon add one more item to his resume that is already at least three items long, according to the first sentence in this article. Lynch has signed on to be a part of a new movie that is filming in Seattle. That's right: your favorite RB is about to become a movie star.

According to KING 5 Sports, Lynch will appear in a film called "Matt's Chance." Let's take a gander at the synopsis, shall we?

It's about a mid-20-something cowboy who's betrayed by his girlfriend. It sends him into a downward sprial (sic). The movie tackles all the things Matt is going through, from the mafia to corrupt bankers to even God himself.

Oh. Well that's ... I mean ... hm. Well, sure, on paper it sounds like the worst movie of all time, but I'm sure a top-notch cast can salvage this thing!

Lynch's co-stars include the 6 Million Dollar Man, Lee Majors. Plus, Edward Furlong from Terminator 2, Point Break's Gary Busey, and Margot Kidder of Superman fame also co-star in the movie.

Dear GOD.

Someone is putting Gary Busey and Margot Kidder in a movie together? That's like putting two feral cats in a sack and shaking it. Marshawn will spend his time on the set rocking back and forth in his trailer, softly muttering to himself. When the sanest member of your movie's cast in 2012 is Lee Majors, it's probably best to just go ahead and shelve the project indefinitely.

But hey, maybe it will be great. Then I can cast Lynch in my movie about a 20-something archery prodigy whose uncle misplaces a shopping list and he ends up having to fly a hang glider into the center of the sun. Wait, I messed up making fun of "Matt's Chance," because the thing I just described actually sounds awesome.

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