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Gregg Williams Suspended: How Saints' Bounty Scandal Affects The Seahawks

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his punishment on the New Orleans Saints and their staff Wednesday for their three-year bounty program, suspending both Gregg Williams and head coach Sean Payton from the league for at least one year, while slapping the team with hefty fines. How does this affect the Seahawks? Make the jump to find out.

Williams, who was suspended from the league indefinitely, has been part of some of the best defenses in football for quite some time, and recently became the defensive coordinator for the St. Louis Rams. But now the Rams are left out in the wind with Williams out, which is also music to a divisional rival's ears.

The Saints also lost second round picks in both 2012 and 2013, which could bump up Seattle one spot in both of the next two draft classes.

Seattle does not face off against the Saints next year, so the Sean Payton suspension has little affect on them.

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