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Matt Flynn Excited About Seattle Seahawks, Battling Tarvaris Jackson For Starting Spot

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The Seattle Seahawks landed Matt Flynn in the hopes that he could produce as their next starting quarterback. They got him at a bargain price too, meaning that even if he doesn't work out, Seattle didn't have to risk too much to land him and can move on pretty easily without damage to their cap. Of course, the main hope is that Flynn does a lot more for Seattle, and the former Packers backup is hoping similar things.

Flynn got a chance to talk with the media via conference call. Eric Williams of Seahawks Insider has the following.

"I just really enjoyed it up there – really liked the feeling and everything, the coaching staff and the whole organization," Flynn said. "I liked everything about it. It felt very comfortable. It’s a team that’s a very young team, and I felt like they’re headed in the right direction, with a chance to really do something special."

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The most interesting note is the Seahawks might not be parting with Tarvaris Jackson despite the money Seattle owes him next year. It appears Seattle wants two quality quarterbacks on the roster.

"I've always been a very competitive guy," Flynn said. "I’ve always been a very confident guy. And I’ve always been a guy that believes on working his tail off and doing the best he can.

"And I know that I’m going to come in here, and I’m going to be in a competition. And I know that whatever happens, whatever my role is, I just want to make the Seattle Seahawks a better football team. And that’s something I look forward to doing."

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This could be a good thing for both of these guys, as it might help them each to work with each other and get better over time. And it could also help Seattle to ensure they have some stability at the quarterback position.

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