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Super Bowl 2013 Odds: Seattle Seahawks Improve Their Standing

The Seattle Seahawks still aren't close to being considered Super Bowl contenders by any of the national pundits or (probably more importantly) Vegas bookmakers. But they're starting to make some moves up the board.

Seattle has been busy in free agency, with two of the biggest moves being the resigning of Marshawn Lynch to remain their mainstay running back and the signing of Matt Flynn as their new quarterback. Those are two important signings, and might be part of the reason why the Seahawks have bumped all the way up from 60/1 to 40/1 in the latest Super Bowl odds. After the jump, you can view the full list of odds (click here to view them all).

The Packers (13/2), Patriots (15/2) and Saints (10/1) remain the teams with the strongest odds of winning it all next year, and Seattle's division San Francisco is sixth among NFL teams at 14/1. Of course, the biggest thing worth noting is the Broncos, who've leapt all the way from 50/1 to 12/1. The Peyton Manning effect is in full gear.

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