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Seattle Seahawks Sign Matt Flynn To 3-Year, $26 Million Contract

The Seattle Seahawks slow-played the NFL Free Agent market this year, first signing DT Jason Jones to a reasonable 1-year, $4.5 million contract after his market narrowed a bit and St. Louis signed Kendall Langford. The next day, Seattle took advantage of a fluid quarterback situation - Alex Smith in Miami interviewing with the Dolphins, Peyton Manning still out there looking at the Titans, Broncos, and potentially the 49ers, and a weak deal offer for Flynn in Miami, and offered Flynn a deal he figured he couldn't turn down. So, for 3-years, and up to $26 million with performance incentives, Matt Flynn becomes the newest Seahawk.

This is a fair deal for the Seahawks. Flynn still has a lot to prove before one can be certain he's a capable NFL starting quarterback, and only ten million guaranteed isn't crippling if he doesn't work out. Flynn has had strong games with the Packers and has proven he can run the offense quite effectively in his few stints replacing Aaron Rodgers in the starting lineup. How he fits with in Seattle's offense remains to be seen, but it definitely feels like Seattle is upgrading at the position.

Pete Carroll has announced that there will be an open competition at quarterback for the Seahawks this year between Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson, and/or a draft pick, so the upcoming preseason just got a little bit more interesting.

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