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Seattle Seahawks Sign Jason Jones To One-Year Deal

The Seattle Seahawks are looking to make some moves through free agency to improve their team. While there may be a few larger questions looming for the club, a team can never have too much depth on the offensive or defensive lines. The Seahawks know this and added DT/DE Jason Jones on Saturday, signing the talented lineman to a one-year deal. His agent, Mike McCartney, broke the news earlier today.

Our great Seahawks blog, Field Gulls, has a bit of information on Jones and what he may bring to the team in 2012:

He's a pretty solid interior pass rusher that moved to defensive end last year and struggled. It will be very interesting to see how the Seahawks use him - my guess is that he'll be a rotational 3-tech that can bounce to the outside in certain sets and hopefully play with efficiency in multiple spots . With Brandon Mebane, Alan Branch, Red Bryant, and Clinton McDonald - plus Pep Levingston currently on the roster, the depth on the Seahawks line looks pretty nice, especially pre-Draft.

Jones, 25, is a 6'5, 275 pound physical beast that had 27 tackles and three sacks and one forced fumble in 2011 and has 112 career tackles and 15 1/2 sacks in his career. He'll be here on what's essentially a 'prove-it' deal and it's a very low-risk, potentially high reward deal for the Seahawks.

As Field Gulls mentions, this really does seem like a solid, low-risk move for the Seahawks. At the very worst they are out a few million bucks next season, and they could very well be getting a talented lineman at a cheaper cost because of the way St. Louis handled him last year. A move like this may not grab headlines across the country, but it is a move that is potentially a very large step forward to returning to the playoffs in 2012.

For more on the team and even more reaction to the Jones signing, head over to Field Gulls.