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NFL Free Agents: Matt Flynn Won't Decide On Seahawks Until After Meeting With Dolphins

The Seattle Seahawks may be closing in on signing free agent quarterback Matt Flynn, but according to sources he will not make a decision before he meets with the Miami Dolphins on Saturday, leaving Seattle to twiddle their thumbs and hope for a positive answer.

Per ESPN Wisconisin's Jason Wilde:

Just because he's hearing other offers doesn't mean he isn't fond of the Seahawks, Flynn is simply doing his due diligence. Aside from the talent in which he will play, moeny will also be a factor for the 4th year QB, though don't look for Miami to drop any extra dough just because Peyton Manning told them no.

Per Omar Kelly on Twitter:

With the quarterback market dwindling, Flynn is certainly a hot commodity right now. Hopefully he'll have his decision in the next few days.

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