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NFL Free Agents: Matt Flynn Meeting With Dolphins Saturday, According to Report

With Peyton-mania still in full force around the league, many teams are looking for viable second options for when No. 18 likely signs somewhere else. One of the most popular second options this offseason has been Matt Flynn, who spent Thursday and part of Friday with the Seattle Seahawks as they try to woo him to the Emerald City.

Flynn could sign with Seattle as soon as today if they present him with an offer he feels worth signing, but the Dolphins are said to be heavily in the mix for Flynn as well, brining him in this Saturday to see if he could fit their system. Unfortunately for them, he could be taken by then already, leaving the fins in the proverbial cold in South Beach when it comes to a new quarterback.

Flynn has played sparingly in his first four years in the league, seeing time in 5 games in 2011. He certainly impressed in that short amount of time, completing 33 of 49 passes for 6 TD's 2 interceptions and a 124.8 passer rating last season.

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