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NFL Free Agency: Seattle Seahawks Updates With Matt Flynn, Jason Jones, David Hawthorne

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The Seattle Seahawks are looking around a lot in the free agent market and there are a lot of players that are going in and out of the team headquarters. Let's take a look at some of the players Seattle has been looking into this year.

Seattle is looking for a quarterback somewhere (most likely through free agency), and had one of the most prominent candidates visiting. It looks like Flynn might be looking elsewhere though.

With the Dolphins looking at Flynn, it's likely his price is going further up, meaning Seattle will probably not be signing him. Mike Sando doesn't believe Seattle will offer him starter money.

The Seahawks never showed interest in Mario Williams. He was not a priority for them. His signing in Buffalo has no impact on how Seattle proceeds in free agency. I do think the Seahawks will make an offer to Flynn. It will be a modest offer, most likely, probably for not much more than Tarvaris Jackson is making. We'll then find out how much Flynn wants to be in Seattle, and what market exists for him elsewhere. I don't think there's a huge market for him. Perhaps that changes if Peyton Manning goes somewhere other than Miami, which seems likely.

Defensive end Jason Jones is still being pursued by Seattle though.

David Hawthorne could also be looking around, and it appears the Saints want him.

Safe to say that Seahawks free agency is far from settling down.

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