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Seattle Seahawks Sign Red Bryant To Five-Year, $35 Million Deal

The Seattle Seahawks have signed Red Bryant to a $35 million deal for five years.

Red Bryant was one of the coveted members of the 2012 free agent class. Defenders like Bryant who are able to perform strongly as a 4-3 defensive tackle are hard to come by.

Bryant looks like he's going to be a member of the Seattle Seahawks for quite some time. Adam Schefter has this report, and the Seahawks managed to get him back without having to use the franchise tag.

This is a fair deal for Bryant, who became a dominant interior defensive tackle in 2011 even though his stats were only modest. The Seahawks defense was a very strong component of their victories, and Bryant's production on the inside was critical to keeping Seattle's defense chugging.

Bryant, along with Brendan Mebane (who's making slightly less) should provide an imposing one-two bunch on the inside for NFC West teams to deal with in the next few years.

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