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Peyton Manning Watch 2012: Arizona Cardinals, Denver Broncos Lead the Pack

The Peyton Manning injury, release, and subsequent free agency saga and the din of the accompanying media attention has hit fever pitch (and yes, I realize I'm adding to that). It's getting even more exciting too, as NFL Free Agency is on the cusp of starting. Originally, it was rumored that Manning would sign with a team on Monday. Well, it's Monday. I don't think that's going to happen today, with reports that the Titans will host the Colts' former QB and now that Manning has gone home to Miami. Peyton has met with the Cardinals and Broncos and those teams remain the two favorites, and sadly (or happily, if you didn't want him to come to Seattle), it's being reported that Manning will not consider the Seahawks.

After the jump, make sure you check out SB Nation's favorite son, Matt Ufford, break down the situation.

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