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NFL Mock Draft 2012: No Consensus With Seahawks No. 12 Pick

According to various websites, nobody knows what the Seattle Seahawks are going to do with the no. 12 pick except for the Seattle Seahawks. But that doesn't keep them from trying.

The Sporting News, ESPN, and SB Nation all have the Seahawks taking different players with the 12th pick in the NFL Draft.

Sporting News has the Seahawks picking wide receiver Michael Floyd of Notre Dame; ESPN has quarterback Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M;'s three writers have defensive tackle Michael Brockers of LSU, linebacker Luke Kuechly of Boston College and cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick of Alabama; and SB Nation has defensive end Melvin Ingram of South Carolina.

With so many players at so many positions being mentioned as possibilities, it tells us two things: 1) nobody really knows what's going to happen in the nine picks that follow the first two which impacts who is available at no. 12 and 2) the Seahawks have a lot of places where they can improve which lends itself to a lot of options on who to pick.