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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seattle Seahawks Select Melvin Ingram

The Seattle Seahawks have an important need to fix up this offseason. Seattle needs to go and find a pass rusher to really make sure their defense is in the strongest shape possible and make them equally versatile to stop the run and defend the pass as best they can.

Ryan Van Bibber of SB Nation released his latest mock draft, and he seems to think Seattle is getting a great player to fit their needs. The Seahawks are slated to pick 12th, and Van Bibber has Seattle taking Melvin Ingram of the South Carolina Gamecocks because of his pass rushing ability. It matches needs, and it gives the Seahawks one of the best available talents on the board.

Seattle fans, you should applaud this pick. Ingram looks like the real deal as a pass rusher. He might be a better fit as a rush linebacker in a 3-4 system. Pete Carroll finds ways to use talented players, rather than trying to force players into his scheme. Ingram has the strength and skills to be a threat from almost anywhere on the field, even on the inside. Wait and see what Seattle does in free agency. If they decide to pursue Mario Williams, they might look for a quarterback here.

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