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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Seattle Seahawks Take Whitney Mercilus

The Seattle Seahawks have some decent possibilities in the 2012 NFL Draft. Seattle needs a pass rusher and there will be some good options to choose from. If Seattle can get the best option available at outside linebacker or defensive end, they should probably feel good with their first round pick.

In this latest mock draft from Draft Tek, the Seahawks used their first rounder (the eleventh pick of the 2012 NFL Draft) on Whitney Mercilus, defensive end from Illinois.

The Hawks simply have to find a way to upgrade their anemic pass rush. Outside of Chris Clemons, it seems nobody can get to the opposing quarterback . . . and that's why it's extremely likely that Carroll will be targeting someone who can get into the backfield and help the Seahawks D rack up more than a mediocre 33 sacks in a season. Could the man with arguably the best last name in football since Dick Butkus be just the guy Carroll is looking for? If college production is any indicator, then Mercilus will have no problem as he posted 16 sacks and had the 2nd highest number of forced fumbles in a season in NCAA history (9). Mercilus would probably be tasked with taking over Raheem Brock's duties (who is unlikely to return) in his first year and would be used in 3rd down packages opposite of Clemons in order to improve the pass rush from both sides.

With the Seahawks getting a guy like Mercilus, Seattle will definitely have a more complete defensive line up front that can make it harder for offenses to get going. That'll help the Seahawks get one step closer to contending for the NFC West.

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