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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Seahawks Trade Up For Robert Griffin III

Ryan Van Bibber's latest NFL mock draft for SBNation came out today and it includes an interesting change at the top - and it deals with the Seattle Seahawks.

With Stanford's Andrew Luck going no. 1 to the Colts, every team after that who was looking for a quarterback was trying to find a way to get their hands on Baylor's Robert Griffin III. But as teams start to look for veterans elsewhere, it is opening up various scenarios for where RGIII lands.

That's where the Seahawks come in.

Right now, this mock has Seattle trading up with the Minnesota Vikings and snatching RGIII. Everything about the situation seems to make sense both for the player and the team. This is what Bibber had to say.

"This is not necessarily a prediction; I'm just exploring the possibility. With Washington and Miami finding solutions elsewhere, and Cleveland waffling on trading their picks, the next best fit for RGIII would be the Seahawks. Minnesota would be more than willing to trade down. Seattle is a good landing spot for Griffin with a pretty good roster to make the transition easier for a rookie quarterback. Hell, he could even sit for a while behind Tarvaris Jackson."

Sounds like a plan that should be explored.