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Best Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: Trucks, Rocky And Draculas Bring Smiles To Faces

If there's one thing that Americans love more than football, it's commercials. When you combine the two together, you get the biggest sporting event of the year. Tomorrow's water coolers (they still have those, right?) will be abuzz about which television spots during the big game elicited the biggest guffaws. Heck, there's a chance one of these ads tickled your fancy so much, you spit out your glass of Gatorade!

There was a huge amount of commercials debuting during the broadcast of the game. Let's take a look at some of the standouts from the 2012 Super Bowl.

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Three of the standout commercials in my mind were all car ads. Chevrolet debuted a new ad for their Silverado truck that reportedly raised the ire of the higher-ups at Ford, who tried to get the ad pulled. Personally, I think Hostess should be more offended at Chevy perpetuating the myth that Twinkies have no expiration date. First-rate slander, right there.

Hyundai hit a home run (or whatever the football equivalent of that might be) with their ad invoking the iconic theme from the Rocky film franchise. If nothing else, this commercial probably reminded you: A) that the Rocky theme is great; B) that the Rocky franchise is full of terrific movies and C) boy, I'd much rather watch any of the Rocky movies than that Battleship movie.

I'm not sure what sort of Draculas are meant to be represented in Audi's commercial. They don't appear to be evil Draculas, so they probably didn't all have to die thanks to their careless and well-off Dracula friend. But whatever type they are, they don't seem to be Twilight-style Draculas, so that's fine with me.

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