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Seahawks Strength Coach Chris Carlisle Is Not Kidding Around

The job of an NFL Strength and Conditioning Coach is probably a little more complicated than it seems. On the surface, it may seem easy - all of these players have been in lifting programs for their entire adult lives and most know their way around a weight room blindfolded.

On the contrary though, when you're working with a 53-man active roster, and up to 80 players during the offseason, getting a structure and methodology down for keeping your players in shape and improving their athleticism over the offseason is no small task.

As Field Gulls contributor Charlie Todaro pointed out back in October, in reference to an Eric Williams article:

"In late May Eric Williams of The News Tribune did this piece about Carlisle and the "Seahawk way" of training. Carlisle offered some interesting perspective; he believes his profession is 10% science and 90% an art form, an unorthodox approach; the art being how to get all of the different personalities on the team working at the highest level. His simple goal is to make them all more efficient through movement. He is a cancer survivor. He was hired by Carroll at USC while battling the disease. He has passion for his job and the will to work.

Carlisle's unique methods fit with Carroll and Carlisle sees himself as an asset to Carroll. "I think a value that I bring with Pete is I speak fluent Carroll. And so, being around it as much as I have, I'm his voice to the athletes when he is not on the floor here. We're talking about the same things. We constantly talk about the same goals and the same way of preparing. There's no two ways here, there's one way. And it's a Seahawk way. It's the way we prepare our athletes to win."

Explicit. Detailed. Ambitious. Well, Carlisle showed us a little glimpse into the planning and structure that goes into "the Seahawk Way" of offseason improvement, when he tweeted this photo, with the caption:

"A look at our 200-page offseason workout book given to players while they're away."


Pretty good to see.

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