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Peyton Manning Injury Update: Manning's Agent Does the Agent Thing

Because I don't really care much about who wins the Super Bowl or which players are limping around, the news I've grappled onto this week involves Peyton Manning's health. Manning and the Colts are looking more and more likely to part ways and that means we fans will get a chance to see teams bid on possibly the best free agent to ever hit the market.

Now, obviously, that statement is wholly dependent on the health of said 'best free agent to ever hit the market' and his ability to throw the football, and Manning's agent Tom Condon joined the NFL Network on Friday to give an update on his client's recovery. As with any agent, you should just blindly believe every word he's saying. Cough. Per Jason La Canfora:

This update follows news yesterday that Manning's doctors have medically cleared him to play football again, but the situation is still very murky and its likely only time will tell. Even his agent is throwing out the 'year' number for his timetable to return so I get the feeling that no one really knows how close Manning actually is. If he does his the open market, the Seahawks are a (remote) possible destination so it's something that I'll be keeping an eye on closely.

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