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NFL Free Agency 2012: Browns Interested in John Carlson?

There has been some speculation that tight end John Carlson may be trying to reunite with Mike Holmgren out in Cleveland, as some reports are claiming that the Browns have a serious interest in picking up Carlson this offseason.

Per Dion Caputi on Twitter:

As Cleveland continues to retool, some folks see this as a great move for the Browns inept offense, when coupled with the right draft picks might have a much improved offense next season:

Per Omar Kelly on Twitter:

He meant Carlson.

If Carlson does end up walking, that leaves Seattle with a bit of a hole in the TE department behind starter Zach Miller. Right now they have Cameron Morrah and Anthony McCoy backing Miller up, but with their heavy use of two tight end sets, if they're not confident in their depth they could possibly begin looking to fill that void in the upcoming draft or through another free agent available on the market.

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