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Peyton Manning Injury Update: Former NFL QB Chris Weinke Speaks On His Own Spinal Injury Experience

As the Peyton Manning injury watch continues, more and more former players and coaches are speaking out and giving their own thoughts as to what Manning should be cognizant of during this difficult time. The latest to do so is former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback, Chris Weinke, to the NFL Network's Albert Breer.

Weinke underwent a spinal fusion after injuring his neck while at Florida State in November of 1998. But he recovered well, won his Heisman, was taken in the fourth round of the NFL Draft and played seven seasons in the league. Weinke is a success story if there ever was one.

"It was a true test of patience," said Weinke, who now coaches at IMG Academies in Florida. "What I had to learn was I had to trust the doctors, and trust the trainers. You just didn't know when your body was going to be able to recover fully. The biggest thing with nerve issues is the atrophy in your throwing arm. For me, the rehab consisted of an intense 6-7 hours per day. But then there was a lot of time spent just waiting for my body to recover."

Weinke was 26 years old when he was injured and Manning is 36. It's a big difference but, like plenty of others, Weinke isn't doubting Manning.

The only doubt is that he'll end up playing for the Seahawks when it's all said and done.