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Bill Polian on Peyton Manning: 'I Want Whats Best' For Both Colts and Manning

Former Indianapolis Colts owner Bill Polian joined the Fan 590 in Toronto on Friday to discuss the Peyton Manning situation:

You're of the opinion that Peyton Manning will play again? Right?

"I do. I do. I don't have any inside information other then having spoken to him a couple of weeks ago and then hearing from someone that is pretty well aware of how his workouts are going. I know he wants to. Things are going along well enough that you can be fairly certain about the fact that he may play and I would expect he will."

As for playing in Indy, Polian wasn't sure:

Any chance Peyton Manning will be playing in Indy?

"Don't know. I think there is always a chance. Both sides there have to get together and talk it out. I presume they will in the near future. We'll see how it goes, but I don't have any feeling on that issue or where if not in Indianapolis he might end up at this point. I really wouldn't know."

In regards to where he fit into the process, Polian wanted to steer clear of conjecture:

It's unlikely this would have been as high of a profile decision had Bill Polian still been the GM and Vice Chairman of the Colts?

"Well I don't know. There is no way to tell. It's conjecture and I don't bother myself with that. I'm not there any longer. I want what is best for both parties and I think as they sit down and work it out it'll have a way of working itself out.

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