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NFL Mock Draft 2012: QB Ryan Tannehill To Seahawks

Texas A&M Quarterback Ryan Tannehill has become a popular name in Seattle Seahawks circles recently. That noise will only get louder as he is beginning to be placed in mock 2012 NFL Drafts as the team's selection with the 12th overall pick. has released their most recent mock draft and Tannehill is wearing Seahawk green in this one.

An immediate disclaimer to hopefully ward off frantic calls from Seattle radio stations: I don't know for a fact that Pete Carroll is high on Tannehill, but I do know the Seahawks have to find competition for Tarvaris Jackson in the first or second round (barring a big signing in free agency), and more NFL scouts all the time tell me that Tannehill will end up in the first round before this thing is done. I'm connecting dots here, folks.

After all the talk in Seattle about how it was Luck/RGIII or Bust, it's interesting to hear the tune change so quickly. Seatle will be keeping a close eye on the Aggie signal-caller during the Combine this weekend.

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