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Seahawks Offseason: More On Sidney Rice's Shoulder Surgery

Seattle Seahawks general manager John Schneider confirmed Thursday that wide receiver Sidney Rice had both of his shoulders operated on after the season, according to the Seattle Times.

It was previously known that Rice had surgery but it was not known for sure just how extensive that surgery was until now.

"Sidney played with that in college," Schneider said. "He has played with it his whole career so far. He developed grooves. It's kind of like your shoulder subluxing. It just got so bad, he had a hard time with it so toward the end of the season, we just said, 'Let's try to get him like a month ahead of schedule.' "

Schneider did not elaborate on whether or not both shoulders were operated on in the same procedure. He did add that Rice will spend the offseason rehabbing his shoulders with the hope of being ready when training camp opens in the summer.

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