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Peyton Manning And His Possible Destinations: Seattle Seahawks Not Likely [VIDEO]

The Seattle Seahawks would like to dream about landing a healthy Peyton Manning as their starting quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson has played very well, but he's no long-term solution unless Seattle really believes Jackson can develop and learn to hit all the routes on the field with consistency. Right now Jackson is at best a game manager.

However, Adam Schefter makes a good point about Peyton in Seattle.

Destination: Peyton (via ESPN)

Schefter points out that while the Seahawks definitely feel a position of need at quarterback, why would Manning want to play in Seattle? The team doesn't have a great receiving corps and depends a lot on their running game. Manning really would have to hope the personnel in Seattle adapt to him, and he doesn't really have much time left in his career. He'd probably be better off going to a squad where things fit for him and the team is ready to win now.

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