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NFL Free Agents 2012: Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch To Work Something Out

If you had to list a big reason to the success of the Seattle Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch will be near the top of the list. Lynch gave Seattle's running game power and burst, and kept the offense balanced when it could have tilted either way. Seattle was nearly a .500 team last season, and their offense was at least average despite having Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback, thansk mainly to Marshawn.

However, Lynch is going to be a free agent this season. Clare Farnsworth of the Blog had this to report.

Schneider said the club has had "great discussions" with the team’s leading rusher and his agent since mid-December and the sides are scheduled to talk again here this evening.

Both sides prefer a multiyear deal. But if agreement on a contract cannot be reached by the March 6 deadline to designate franchise players, Schneider said the club will tag Lynch.

Lynch is too valuable to let go and it wouldn't be easy to replace him. He's generally a two-down running back (sometimes three) that can produce big yards, is a decent pass protection running back, and also can come out of the backfield and catch the football. Those are skills that don't come often from one player, and if Marshawn can keep his production up, he can very well remain a cornerstone of the rebuilding Seahawks.

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