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NFL Draft 2012: Mike Mayock Talks Ryan Tannehill; Seattle Seahawks A Possibility? [VIDEO]

When you have a mid-round pick like the Seattle Seahawks to start out, it's always unclear what exactly their draft strategy will be. You're not going to able to pick the top prospects like an Andrew Luck, leaving you with the choice of plenty of capable football players to fill your needs.

Mike Mayock talks about the 2012 NFL Draft in this interview with Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, and one possibility that could fit with the Seattle Seahawks is Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Proceed halfway through the interview to see the whole list of remarks.

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Would the Seahawks be willing to take a risk on a player like Tannehill? Who knows. Tarvaris Jackson performed capably for Seattle, but he's probably not a long-term solution at quarterback. Tannehill is also a bit of a project himself though, so it might be difficult for the Seahawks to take a first round risk on a potentially good quarterback.

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