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Seahawks Nominated For Worst Sports Video Ever

When it comes to terrible sports team-related music videos, there are so many that it's hard to say which one is truly the worst. Adam Rank from is attempting to do just that and a video featuring the Seattle Seahawks is among the worst of the worst.

Among classics like "Redskins Rap Song"and "Let’s Ram It," is the Seahawks' 80's classic, "Locker Room Rock."

My goodness.

Featuring lead vocalist Michael Jackson, Edwin Bailey on sax, Mike Tice, Paul Moyer, Terry Taylor, Norm Johnson, Randall "Too Hot To Handle" Morris, Chuck Butler, Bob Cryder, Danny Greene, Mark Hicks, Kani Kauahi, Adam Schreiber, and Byron Walker, it certainly lives up to its place here.

Alas, the winners are the Los Angeles Rams with "Let’s Ram It." No truth to the rumor that this song was so bad its the reason the team left for St. Louis, but then again, would you really be surprised?