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Brandon Browner Among Top Tackling Cornerbacks

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Seattle Seahawks cornerback Brandon Browner returned to the pros after a few years playing in Calgary, and he played very well. Pro Football Focus has Browner being one of the top tacklers, finishing in the top 10 with an 18.3 tackle efficiency.

Browner had good tackling numbers in his Pro Bowl season, according to Pro Football Focus. Browner can hit, and he made a seamless transition back to league. He went from being a CFL transplant to a Pro Bowler in his first season, emerging as one of the strongest and most physical tacklers at the cornerback position in the NFL this season. Browner was one of the biggest corners in the league, and he performed ably all season long.

Browner could be one of those gems who emerges out of nowhere to become an All-Pro for the prime of his career. It's hard to imagine that Pete Carroll thought Browner would be this good when he signed him, but he has to be happy with the early results.

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