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Seahawks Make NFL Team Arrest List with Four Since 2010

The Seattle Seahawks did not make it to the playoffs in 2011, but they have topped another prestigious (okay, not so prestigious) list. They finished in the Top 5 of NFL teams in a recent LockerSmash list of most player arrests since 2010.

With four player arrests since 2010, the Seahawks are in a five-way tie for fifth place among all NFL teams. The good news is that they are way in back of the first-place Tennessee Titans, who have a whopping nine instances of arrest, citation, or charges over that time period.

The breakdown:

- RB Quinton Ganther was arrested on suspicion of DUI in July, 2010.

- DE Raheem Brock was arrested for an actual DUI in November of 2010.

- Brock was also arrested in June of 2011 for walking out on a $27 check.

- LB Leroy Hill was arrested in April, 2010 in a domestic assault case.

Hopefully, the Seahawks will be able to do better over the next couple of years. By which I mean, "stop getting arrested, you guys."

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