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Matt Hasselbeck Not Happy About Seahawk T-Shirt Sales

There was a time, not too long ago, when Matt Hasselbeck was a Seattle institution. He led the Seattle Seahawks to six playoff appearances and a Super Bowl. He was the face of the Seahawks franchise for years, at a time when people were still uncertain precisely how much fluorescent green they were required to wear to games (hint: a whole bunch). Yet, suddenly the Seahawks store is having a clearance on Hasselbeck merchandise, just because of the small technicality that the quarterback now plays for the Tennessee Titans. How fickle can you be?

Hasselbeck was alerted to the clearance sale somehow and took to Twitter to express his displeasure in the situation.

My Seahawks t-shirts on clearance for $4. Just give em away at this point.
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Hasselbeck is known for being a good sport and having a great sense of humor. He's still a viable QB, too, nearly guiding the Titans to a playoff berth in his first season with the team. He passed for over 3,500 yards and had 18 touchdowns, while serving as a mentor to Jake Locker.

And the Seahawks are just trying to unload his shirts? Sheesh! What's a guy gotta do? Besides play for your team, I guess.

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