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NFL Free Agency: Where Will David Hawthorne Sign?

David Hawthorne is one of those good players who doesn't exactly stand out, but when you look at him on paper you're overwhelmed by his production. Hawthorne had amazing production at the middle linebacker position for the Seattle Seahawks, registering 115 tackles. But no one will say he's one of the elite more atheltes.

Hence, Seattle might not go all-out to keep him around. So where will he end up? It's unclear where. Ryan Van Bibber at SB Nation points out Hawthorne as a high-profile free agent will be the guy they look at.

If Curtis Lofton or D'Qwell Jackson are allowed to hit the market, both would rank higher than Hawthorne, by a tick or two. Neither Lofton or Jackson are likely to make it that far. The Seahawks, however, sound as though they might look for faster and cheaper options. Hawthorne would appeal to either base defense given his ability as a run stopper. Philadelphia would be a perfect match.

Possible destinations: Arizona Cardinals, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers

Generally it's not hard to replace linebackers, which is probably why the Seahawks aren't worried too much about replacing him if he decides to go. Still, if Hawthorne can't find another place to go, it'd make sense for the Seahawks to resign him to a regular contract.

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