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Seahawks sneak into 'Best NFL Organizations' player poll

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The Seattle Seahawks garnered a couple of votes in an anonymous poll asking NFL players which organization was the league's best.

Stephen Brashear

The Seattle Seahawks are only 5-4 so far in 2012, but they still received two votes in an NFL player poll asking which organization is the NFL's best. The Sporting News anonymously asked 103 NFL players from 27 teams which franchise in the league was the best, and Seattle slipped in with multiple votes in its favor.

The New England Patriots were the clear-cut winning organization, tallying 34 total votes in the poll. The Pittsburgh Steelers came in a distant second place with 21 votes, and the New York Giants weren't far behind with 19. The Green Bay Packers earned 15 votes, and after that there was a steep dropoff.

Baltimore, Dallas, Houston and San Francisco earned two votes each to tie with the Seahawks for fifth place.

The Seahawks might have earned the positive respect around the league in part because of the rabid fan base. Seattle was named by one study to be the best home field advantage in the NFL.