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2012 NFL power rankings, week 10: Seahawks ranked No. 12 across the board

The Seattle Seahawks are not among the elite but they aren't at the bottom either and that seems just about right for this team.

Otto Greule Jr

The Seattle Seahawks are once again above .500 and seem to be determined to never lose at home while continually struggling on the road. Sunday's game was another home game and yet another win for the Seahawks who continue to take advantage of a homefield advantage unlike any other in the NFL.

With nine weeks down, the Seahawks seem to be viewed the same everywhere - not elite, but not bad either. Here is what the power rankings are looking like for the Hawks.

The Seahawks moved up one spot to No. 12 in ESPN's power rankings as they pointed out just how great quarterback Russell Wilson has played at home. In four games, Wilson has nine touchdowns with no interceptions. The Seahawks are 4-0 at home.

The Seahawks moved up two spots to No. 12 in CBS Sports' power rankings and they, too, pointed how much better Wilson is at home than on the road. This could be a playoff team.

The Seahawks stayed at No. 12 in SB Nation's power rankings and they projected the Seahawks possibly ending the season as a 10-win team, calling wins over the Jets, Dolphins, Cardinals, Bills and Rams the rest of the way.